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Prevent future issues arising & sort current problems using cutting edge psychology. Fast.
Train to deploy the 25 minute Inner Armour Coaching Methodology® & save lives.
No Power Point presentations. 

Clients, Partners & Research Collaborators

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what we do:


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We partner and are an approved vendor with the government training institution: the North Carolina Justice Academy in the United States of America.
We are proud to be offering our training to the men and women working in law enforcement across the 100 county’s in the state and actively combating and preventing police suicides together through our training in Psychology.


We are a partner with Mightify. Mightify are the UK’s number 1 personal development, careers and resettlement service for the emergency services. They help individuals and organisations in policing, fire and rescue, Military and ambulance services achieve personal health and fulfillment. They provide the career and personal support they believe over 250,000 people in the 999 services deserve – from events, to CPD-accredited resettlement courses, to 1-to-1 coaching. We work together both nationally and internationally. 


Measurements|Machine Learning|Data Partnership

We are a partner with New York & London based data mining company: Minetech. With governments/organisations/trainees permissions, we process data from Quarantine sessions. We are working on combining quantum computing with machine learning and positive psychology to save lives. 

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