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We Save Lives.
We Equip Those Who Work On The Frontline With The Psychological Armour Both They & Society Deserve. 

What We Do:

The Inner Armour Coaching method & logo are owned by Al McGregor. Trade Mark No: UK00003394911. 10/5/2019.  Ref: QUARANTINE [THINKING YOU WEAR – figurative] under the Trade Marks Act 1994. QUARANTINE is the exclusive intellectual property of Mr A.McGregor: 17 Stukeley Street, London, WC2B 5LT. UNITED KINGDOM. Any unauthorised duplication or use will have legal consequences and could be unsafe. Anyone practicing QUARANTINE must be in possession of a valid licence from INNER ARMOUR and have certifiable proof that 2-4 days of training has been undertaken.  Records held at Concept House, Newport Road, Newport, NP10 8QQ, UNITED KINGDOM.


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Inner Armour Registered Office:
First Floor Brailsford House,
Knapp Lane,
England, GL50 3QA
Inner Armour is owned by Al McGregor through his company; Knight McGregor Ltd, a Private Limited Company:
Registered Office Address:211 Gloucester Road, Cheltenham, United Kingdom, GL51 8NJ. The QUARANTINE logo and process are trademarked: TM Number – UK00003394911.
All enquries to be forwarded to:
Inner Armour Facilitators:
1, Are professionally Certified Coaches (International Coaching Federation) or equivalent.
2. Posses masters degrees (MSc) in Psychology or Positive Psychology or equivalent.
3. Have between 10 – 30 years teaching experience each.
4. Receive 4 hours of psychological therapy per fortnight in order to stay highly efficient and to strategically manage any secondary trauma of working with Police & Military.
Our Payment Policy:
All payments are invoiced for with 14 days to pay. Should any client not pay by the 14 day deadline late fees are charged at £15.00 per day for every day until the payment is received.
Our policy on social media and images:
Do feel free to write or post any written words about our work, your journey with us or our delivery on social media. We are active on Twitter & Linked In.
1.1 We are professionals and wish to exercise both our own right to privacy and the teachers/participants we work with. We ask the institutions & individuals we work with not to post any images, names or video without our express permission. Whether this is in education, policing or military. 
1.2 We feel that random/amateur mobile/cell phone pictures and videos dilute our content please ask before photographing.
1.3 Many people share very personal and powerful details during our training. This can elicit a strong emotional reaction which if captured on camera can make participants feel uncomfortable. The person  “captured” also has no control of the image/video  afterwards. It is essential participants feel in a safe space, physically, emotionally, psychologically and digitally.
Copyright Inner Armour 2013 – 2020. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Inner Armour Coaching Aftercare/Disclaimer

Inner Armour Coaching TM is not a clinical intervention in any way. It is a positive psychology and wellbeing tool.
Inner Armour Coaching TM is designed to be used as a tool in a peer support fashion and in a preventative capacity. After a session it is common to feel a sense of unease or have an emotional reaction. This should subside within 24 hours. You may not have any effects or even think about the session at all. However, if you find that here is something you cannot cope with in your past or present it is your responsibility to seek further support by either contacting your GP or using the services mentioned below if needed.
Inner Armour nor any of the directors, employees, trainers or certified participants associated with quarantine can be held responsible for any action, incident or consequence as a result of using the tool. If you feel uncomfortable with discussing something then it is your responsibility to stop and discontinue the session.

NHS: Number 999 (For serious concern)
NHS: Number 111 (Available 24 hours a day)
The Samaritans: Website: Number: 116 123
The Police Federation:  Website:
MInd: Website:


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We partner and are an approved vendor with the government training institution: the North Carolina Justice Academy in the United States of America.
We are proud to be offering our training to the men and women working in law enforcement across the 100 county’s in the state and actively combating and preventing police suicides together through our training in Psychology.

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We partner with Mr Floyd Woodrow MBE MBC DCM LL.B. We are also proud to Co-deliver together with his company Compass For Life™ which is a unique approach that brings together the best aspects of leadership training currently available into a simple, concise, and effective framework. It complements all current leadership methodology by aligning them with each cardinal so that everyone can have a compass for life that works for them as an individual, family, team or organisation. Floyd also works with us on Military, Emergency Services and Education contracts. 


We are a partner with Mightify. Mightify are the UK’s number 1 personal development, careers and resettlement service for the emergency services. They help individuals and organisations in policing, fire and rescue, Military and ambulance services achieve personal health and fulfillment. They provide the career and personal support they believe over 250,000 people in the 999 services deserve – from events, to CPD-accredited resettlement courses, to 1-to-1 coaching. We work together both nationally and internationally. 


Measurements|Machine Learning|Data Partnership

We are a partner with New York & London based data mining company: Minetech. With governments/organisations/trainees permissions, we process data from Quarantine sessions. We are working on combining quantum computing with machine learning and positive psychology to save lives.