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Police Training
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ipo-logo-d2The QUARANTINE TM method, process and logo are owned and copyrighted. Trade Mark No: UK00003394911. 10/5/2019.  Ref: QUARANTINE [THINKING YOU WEAR – figurative] under the Trade Marks Act 1994. QUARANTINE is the exclusive intellectual property of Mr A.McGregor: 17 Stukeley Street, London, WC2B 5LT. UNITED KINGDOM. Any unauthorised duplication or use will have legal consequences and could be unsafe. Anyone practicing QUARANTINE must be in possession of a valid licence from INNER ARMOUR and have certifiable proof that 2-4 days of training has been undertaken.  Records held at Concept House, Newport Road, Newport, NP10 8QQ, UNITED KINGDOM.

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Inner Armour Offices:
69 -85 Old Street
United Kingdom
Inner Armour is a subsidiary of InspirEDucate.
Limited Company Registration – 11684356.
Registered in England and Wales
Inner Armour is also linked to Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust, 17, Stukeley Street, London WC2B 5LT, 020 7404 7274
Charity Number: 1087268
Inner Armour Facilitators:
1, Are professionally Certified Coaches (International Coaching Federation) or equivalent.
2. Posses masters degrees (MSc) in Psychology or Positive Psychology or equivalent.
3. Research at Ph.D level.
4. Have between 10 – 30 years teaching experience each.
5. Receive 4 hours of psychological therapy per fortnight in order to stay highly efficient and to strategically manage any secondary trauma of working with Police.
Our policy on social media and images:
Do feel free to write or post any written words about our work, your journey with us or our delivery on social media. We are active on Twitter & Linked In.
1.1 We are professionals and wish to exercise both our own right to privacy and the teachers/participants we work with. We ask the institutions & individuals we work with not to post any images, names or video without our express permission. Whether this is in education, policing or military. 
1.2 We feel that mobile/cell phone pictures and videos dilute our content & put our own privacy in jeopardy.
1.3 Many people share very personal and powerful details during our training. This can elicit a strong emotional reaction which if captured on camera can make participants feel uncomfortable. The person  “captured” also has no control of the image/video  afterwards. It is essential participants feel in a safe space, physically, emotionally, psychologically and digitally.
Copyright Inner Armour 2013 – 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Inner Armour is currently a not-for-profit venture with all income generated used for expenses, publications and international research ventures.