[Professional Stress-proofing]

Professional Stress-proofing Using Positive Psychology Coaching & Academia for Police, Military, Teachers & Leaders.

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Inner Armour Mission: 
To empower Police,Education & Military with positive psychology & psychological coaching to protect, manage and improve mental health.

 All Inner Armour are Professionally Certified Coaches (International Coaching Federation), posses masters degrees (MSc) in Psychology or Positive Psychology & are studying at doctorate level. All Inner Armour have a minimum of 10 years teaching experience. We work nationally and internationally.
Inner Armour is the project of the Head of Organisational Psychology of [Dragon Hall] Covent Garden Dragon Hall trust. https://www.dragonhall.org.uk/ Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust, 17, Stukeley Street, London WC2B 5LT, 020 7404 7274
Charity Number: 1087268
Our policy on social media and images:
Do feel free to write or post any written words about our work, your journey with us or our delivery on social media. We are active on Twitter & Linked In.
1.1 We are professionals and wish to exercise both our own right to privacy and the teachers/participants we work with. We ask the institutions & individuals we work with not to post any images, names or video without our express permission. Whether this is in education, policing or military. We do not do “selfies”.
1.2 We feel that mobile/cell phone pictures and videos dilutes our content & puts our own privacy in jeopardy.
1.3 Many people share very personal and powerful details during our training. This can elicit a strong emotional reaction which if captured on camera can make participants feel uncomfortable. The person  “captured” also has no control of the image/video  afterwards. It is essential participants feel in a safe space, physically, emotionally, psychologically and digitally.
Copyright Inner Armour 2013 – 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Inner Armour is currently a not-for-profit venture with all income generated used for expenses, publications and international research ventures.