Leadership Course

Architect of Education – Leadership Course [#ArchitED]
1 Year (5 Day Long Sessions & online resources/sessions)

Specifically designed for aspiring, middle & future leaders in education who want to stand out from the crowd & are unimpressed with mediocrity. For those interested in using Psychology & Coaching Psychology in leadership at a system level and in themselves. Runs every January beginning in 2019 on Saturdays.

Module 1: Leading an empowered community
Module 2: Leading ourselves before others
Module 3: Leading the psychologically healthy school
Module 4: Leading schools that heal themselves
Module 5: Leadership evolution




This course is designed to increase the psychological capital and effectiveness of leaders so they can perform more efficiently and integrate evidence-based positive psychology and coaching into their institution. Using cutting edge Ph.D level psychology and performance psychology from Education, The Police, The Royal Marines, and the corporate sector, the course aims to provide a range of opportunities for delegates to engage with theory, participate in leadership workshops, and develop their own leadership capacity and identity.

By engaging leaders from both the state and independent sector, the course also aims to provide a forum to share professional practice and leadership strategies and to form meaningful connections that will continue to benefit delegates long after the course has concluded.

Sessions are delivered in the positive, engaging and accessible format that Inner Armour has come to be known by.



  1. When do sessions happen?
    All five modules occur on a Saturday from 10am – 3pm. The course will run from January – July 2019. There are also several online sessions that provide additional content and support throughout the course.
  2. Where will the course be held?
    Sessions take place at Passmores Academy, Harlow, Essex and at several independent schools in the South East of England.
  3. How much does it cost?
    £379 for the course (including online sessions).
  4. Is the application form challenging?
    Not at all, but by asking for details about your current knowledge and professional experience, it does allow the programme leaders to tailor sessions to the delegates that are accepted onto the course.
  5. Is the content intense? I suffer from anxiety and depression, can I still participate?Yes the content can be intense. Yes you can still participate. We just ask that you attend a face-to- face session with one of the programme leaders to agree an individual strategy. If the depression and/or anxiety is extreme it may be inappropriate for you to complete the course at that time. We will always be transparent and act in your best interests.
  6. Will all applicants gain a place on the course?
    There are a limited number of places on this course so applications will be considered based upon their applications. If applicants are not successful in the first instance, they can make contact for further explanation.
  7. I have aspirations to move into leadership but am not in a leadership position yet, will this course still be valuable for me?
    Yes, the course is designed to interest, engage, develop and challenge educators at any point in their leadership journey. By taking a psychological capital approach that draw from a number of sectors, the course will also offer experienced leaders new ways of leading themselves and those in their organisation.
  8. I have an experienced school leader, will this course be valuable for me?

    Yes, for the same reasons as above.
  9. Does my school need to nominate me in order to apply?
    No, you can self fund the course if you wish. However, if you would like your school to cover the cost of the course for your own professional development then you will need to apply with their approval.
  10. Will I receive a certificate for participating in this course?
    Yes, the course is run as part of the Inner Armour organisation (an arm of the Dragon Hall Charity Trust; charity #1087268). Inner Armour will issue you with a certificate upon completion of the course.