(Please note: Our teacher training is in depth, all encompassing and ideal for those wishing to prepare/train  for the compulsory mental health education curriculum coming into place in 2020.) 

Our main programme is our SEPPT (Self evolving Positive Psychology Team). We train staff to train other staff. Our clients do not then need to rely on repeat purchases from us or any other mental health provider; click here for more information


Vic Goddard discussing the value of Inner Armour at TEDx Youth@Harlow 2018.

We also offer the following:

1. Architect of Education – Future Leaders Course. [#ArchitED] (1 Year/5 days)

Specifically designed for aspriring, middle & future leaders who want to stand out from the crowd & are unimpressed with mediocrity. For those interested in using Psychology & Coaching Psychology in leadership at a system level and in themselves. Not for the faint hearted. Runs every January beginning in 2020 on Saturdays.

Module 1: Leading an empowered community
Module 2: Leading ourselves before others
Module 3: Leading the psychologically healthy school
Module 4: Leading schools that heal themselves
Module 5: Leadership evolution


2. System Reset – Insights from Positive Psychology ( 90 Minutes)

Specifically for adults. Our 90 minute option for those short on time. Contains a plethora of tools and strategies to help adults to self care for their own mental health and those in their professional and personal vicinity.


3. Individual Sessions (Coaching & Psychology) 

Available for parents, teachers and students above 18. All sessions are with the programme leader. Can be delivered in person or/and by Skype. Available nationally and internationally.


4. Trauma Team Psychology ( 7 Hours) FULLY BOOKED UNTIL FEB 2019

A 1 day course for up to a group of 15. Trauma Team Psychology is based on the SEPPT model but shorter. This course enables advanced Psychological self care for those adults working in particularly dangerous environments and who are exposed to people involved in knife & gun crime, substance abuse, long term physical, sexual and psychological abuse, warfare, domestic abuse and/or pathological psychological conditions.   

The course contains Psychology, ICF standard coaching training , particularly focusing on; post traumatic growth, resilience, self regulation and positive psychology. Packed full of strategies backed by theory to be used over time.  

Ideal for fully qualified or currently training;  Nurses, Doctors, Military personnel, Youth Workers, Police, Prison Officers and Mental Health Nurses.

Suitable for delivery (Conditional of Inner Armours safe practice policy) in:
– Prisons: (Category B, C & D. We are not prepared to work with Category A at this time)
– Hospitals: NHS and Private UK Only
– Police Stations: UK Only
– Military installations – (Despite international requests we are only prepared to work in UK Military installations owned by the British Army, Navy or Air force at this time.)
– Youth Centres/Community Centres – International
– Mental Health Hospitals: UK only


5. Building Your Psychological Armour (1 hour)

A short course for years 5 – 13 based around building psychological resilience in an engaging and exciting workshop. Lasting from 50 – 60 minutes. Can be delivered repeatedly to cover the whole year group or with two facilitators. The following areas are explored:

– Defining and controlling your own identity
– Getting exams to work for you
– Crafting your online identity
– Comprehensive plan for if it all goes wrong
– Dealing with shaming
– Depression and anxiety – how to start to beat them.
– Some basic one-to-one coaching skills training to help each other
– Designing your own networks
– Students will choose from four key interventions/tools or can adopt all four. These are scientific positive psychology interventions presented in an easy to digest way. They can then use these to help self-care and boost mental resilience.

Works best with 30 – 150 students per session or less and costs less than you might think.


6. SEPPT Implementation Consultation (9 months) 

Only available upon completion of the SEPPT in schools and youth centres and subject to approval of the action plan for your particular institution.

This consultation lasts 9 months and is ideal for those senior leadership teams driving long term whole school culture change. It is exclusively run by the programme leader of Inner Armour and dependent on need, can contain:

– One to one support over 9 months (Four day long visits)  
– 10 Leadership coaching sessions
– Measures and data gathering design, implementation and academic write up.
– Targeted reinforcement for up to 4 individual staff within the Institution.
– Targeted reinforcement for one department (up to 5 staff).