90 Minutes
50 – 250 People – Suitable For All

Training around handling stress proactively & self care. A small set of individual psychological interventions and tools to apply everyday and why they work.

1 Day
50 – 400 People – Suitable For All

A powerful and engaging day long INSET session backed up by a plethora of psychological academia equipping teachers/schools with;
1. A bank of psychological interventions to use with themselves, colleagues and students. 2. Some basic psychological coaching techniques and tools
3. 1 hour senior team consultancy input.

2 days & 1 hour online assessment – [Certified]
20 people max – Suitable for Experienced Professionals

20 participants are divided into pairs and train together. Training participants how to “quarantine” trauma, anxiety, depression, stress & isolation using a mix of psychological tools & coaching independently. This package teaches the academic knowledge and theory behind why it works, how to apply the skills learnt in high stress occupations, teach others & measure positive impact on mental health. It is assessed personally via video/Skype & includes a handbook to use for extremely efficient implementation when time is short/in the field.

(Please note: Developed with a specialist MET police Team)

4 days – [Certified]
25 people max  – Suitable For Experienced Professionals

A “mini” degree in psychology, positive psychology & coaching for those wishing to drive and sustain long term psychological organisational improvement. Enables embedding of interventions & tools strategically, over time with access to 50 measurements to prove positive impact on mental health.

Psychological Improvement Consultancy
1 year 

– One to one support up to a year   
– 10 leadership coaching sessions
– Measures and data gathering design, implementation and academic write up.
– Targeted reinforcement for up to 4 individual staff within the Institution.
– Targeted reinforcement for one department (up to 5 staff).