Programme Leader/Lead Facilitator/Founder

Inner Armour’s heart. Studying Education and Psychology at doctorate level, he holds three degrees from UK Universities and is dedicated to Psychology and enabling self care. 12 years teaching experience in 4 secondary schools. 1 year Lecturing at postgraduate level & a professionally certified coach by the International Coaching Federation. He is down to earth, kind, private and centered.

“In the raft of dynamic educational professionals, Al stands out as talented, able and distinguished. Unique in that his professionalism has grounded itself in transforming educational provision for some of society’s most vulnerable and disenfranchised children; those whom society often marginalise because they are ‘too difficult’ and confront society’s norms and fail to conform.

 The outstanding quality of Al’s work in education has been acknowledged by colleagues in that all advice and guidance given is always taken in the interest of all stakeholders, utilising all available resources to ensure the best possible outcomes.  Not only does Al manage to establish and maintain high quality of training for all, but recognises unequivocally the importance of emotional stability and long term sustainability.

 He undertakes his role with dignity, fairness, transparency, tenacity, coupled with kindness and empathy.

 Whilst Al would always emphasise the team-work at all levels, at the heart of this team is a colleague with a dynamic and modern vision of the power of ‘Inner Armour’ to transform lives in children.”


Trystan Williams  – Principal
Ventures Academy
Bristol – UK




Senior Leadership Team

– UK State School Representitive for Inner Armour
– Vice-Principal: Passmores Academy

Educating EssexInner Armour is honoured to have appointed Natalie Christie to our team. Natalie is the Vice-Principal of Passmores Academy in Essex that shot to fame with head teacher Vic Goddard in “Educating Essex”. Inner Armour conducts regular doctorate research at Passmores and trials new content for the SEPPT (Self Evolving Positive Psychology team) training. Natalie advises on policy, content and strategy related to Inner Armour’s mission of equipping 500 schools in 5 years with positive psychology and coaching.

– UK Non-formal Educational Representitive for Inner Armour
– Researcher: The University of East London
– Youth and Innovation Manager: Dragon Hall

James Dellow has managed a range of statutory and voluntary sector youth work provision for the last 18 years. Having overseen work with young people at Dragon Hall between 2006 and 2016, he is now heading up the development of our Old St centre, as well as providing strategic direction on Dragon Hall’s local (Holborn, Shoreditch, King’s Cross), regional (pan-London) and national/ international (Jersey, Palestine, Australia) work, with a particular focus on young people’s engagement with digital inclusion, digital skills and Smart Cities initiatives.

James has a Master’s Degree (at Distinction Level) in Youth & Community Work and is currently undertaking a Doctorate in Education (with Al), with a focus on the use of youth work James Dellowand technology to reconnect young people with their local communities. This study is the next stage of Dragon Hall’s commitment to providing world-class digital inclusion opportunities for local young people. In addition, James is the: External​ ​Examiner​ ​(Youth Work Practice)​, Coventry University (YMCA George Williams); Co-Module​ ​Leader​, Professional Development Certificate Module, University of East London (UEL) RadioActive101: Showcasing critical and creative thinking through radio; Convenor​, Digital Skills Steering Group, Vision for Young Londoners; Youth​ ​Engagement​ ​Lead​, Islington’s Smart Cities Advisory Group; Member of the Youth​ ​&​ ​Community​ ​Work​ ​Steering​ ​Group​, UEL; Guest​ ​Lecturer​, Master’s Degree in Youth & Community Work and Undergraduate Degree in Critical Pedagogies, UEL; Special Advisor to Save the Children’s Programming the Future initiative in New South Wales, Australia and co-author of 7 published academic articles on the use and impact of non-formal education and youth work.


– New Zealand State Education Representitive for Inner Armour
– Child & Adolescent Psychological Advisor 

Rachel Malins 2

Rachel advises on the clinical elements of Psychology in Inner Armour’s work and all aspects of the state school delivery in New Zealand.  A native of New Zealand and currently in London, Rachel trained as an Educational Psychologist. She practiced in a clinical setting through CAMHS and provides a school psychologist service . She has worked as an Educational Psychologist within the Ministry of Education in New Zealand focusing on particularly challenging behaviour cases. She currently works as a child and adolescent Psychologist for children on the autistic spectrum & works between educators, therapists and social services. Her thesis is centered around the emotional classroom climate, some of which is used in Inner Armour’s work.

“I am proud to be involved with Inner Armour as a further opportunity to develop positive psychology, and bring prevention and early intervention to not only the students, but those who create the safe space from which they develop; their families, their peers and their educators.

Bringing psychology into schools as a preventative measure, not only as intervention, is my focus. To ensure that positive well-being is something that is accessible and can be achieved by all is my goal. I have enjoyed being an advocate for education within the clinical setting ensuring that clinical practice is responsive, informed and active within the educational setting so we do not continue to ‘do’ Psychology to people; rather we ‘embed’ Psychology within the communities in which we work.”



Katrina is working with some schools delivering the “Building your inner armour” session to students from years 7-11. Her background is as Visionary Business Psychologist; committed to making a difference. Empathetic, positive & driven

cc872560-8297-4abe-b940-717ae9aaa1e8 – she has extensive experience (20 years plus) with research exploring personality, pedagogy choices, stress management, self-efficacy, and educational demands. Her focuses are; personality, pressure and well-being; how they can motivate, increase focus, and have a positive effect on an individual and group dynamic.


Katrina is part of the Global Unity Collective: strengthening organisations one person at a time.