Military Training




Course Aims:
  1. To be able to use the Inner Armour Coaching® method, to solve problems and manipulate your own strengths for effectiveness.
  2. To understand more about yourself and be able to psychologically protect yourself and those around you.
Course Outcomes:
  1. Outstanding members of the team can perform the Inner Armour® Coaching Method® and are licensed to use.
  2. Measurable positive impact pre and post training in Stress reduction, Resilience, Psychological Strength & Post Traumatic Growth.
  3. Team have developed and grown authentic connections.
  4. Team can spot early warning signs in their colleagues & intervene to prevent issues arising.
Participants train together to be able to hold 25 minute/1 hour peer to peer psychological coaching sessions with each other. Participants learn how to coach each other through anxiety, depression, stress & isolation using technique and each other. As a result, many issues are dealt with without the need for occupational health to be involved. Highly effective results have been seen both nationally and internationally.
Impact is measured using four academic psychological scales. This training includes the use of a specifically designed Inner Armour® theory of Lego®.
Qualifying and course requirements
Although no formal qualifications are required for the training, not everyone may qualify to be a licensed Inner Armour® coach. Some people are just not suitable for qualifying in the methodology, further details here:
The Training Class
You must be a serving or retired member of the police or armed forces in your country (exceptions for special forces) to attend in addition to:
– To care about your fellow colleagues and personnel.
– To take the following free character strengths test and note down your top three strengths. (Takes about 10 minutes)
– A willingness to learn
– An ability to authentically listen
Becoming a licensed Inner Armour® Coach
– To care about your fellow colleagues and personnel.
– To achieve an acceptable score on the Rational Behaviour Inventory (RBI) test completed in class.
– To have downloaded the app, subscribed and committed to conducting one Inner Armour® coaching session a month.
– To take the following free character strengths test and note down your top three strengths (Takes about 10 minutes)
– A willingness to learn.
– An ability to authentically listen.
– To own understand and refer to the Inner Armour® Official Handbook as your guide.
– To be guided by the International Coaching Federations Ethics guide
– To complete a 6 month supervised session for quality control.


 Military Feedback:

“Today has been brilliant, This is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this, clearly a preventative approach. A real breath of fresh air. Fantastic”

“It’s very beneficial, the tools that you use summed me up and I felt like I didn’t know myself before this.”