Al McGregor
Owner, Founder & CEO
BA (Hons), PGCE, PCC, MSc (MAPP), FcollT.

Areas of Responsibility:
– Police Training (National & International)
– Military Training (National & International) Including:
– Intelligence Services Training (Private & State)
– Academic Leadership
– Prisons & Youth Offender Institute Training
Research: Qualitative, Quantitative, longitudinal & organisational.
– Commander – Inner Armour Task Force
– Company Leadership

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Al created the coaching methodology now used by Inner Armour and meticulously tested it over the past ten years with various professors and universities from Newcastle -Australia to East London – UK. Al is a pioneer in using post traumatic growth and Positive Psychology in challenging environments.  As a society we put Psychology into policing and the military after the damage has been done to them.. Psychology is too often a word filled with negativity and threat..why not use it before?..Could we train personnel on the ground to use Psychology at a basic level to support each other? Could it save peoples lives? Could they save each others lives? Could they stop a minor problem years before it turns serious? Yes.  

Al holds three degrees from UK Universities and is most recently a MAPP (Masters in Applied Positive Psychology) graduate of the University of East London. He is dedicated to enabling the use of Psychology for good  in a preventative and proactive fashion for all in front-line services. Al also accompanies regular police shifts not only at home with the London MET & Essex Police Force but internationally and most recently in the USA.  Shot at in the USA during work for Inner Armour, Al is not afraid of getting involved. 

IMG_6576.JPGAl has 12 years teaching experience in 4 state secondary schools in areas of high deprivation & high crime in the UK. First on the scene at a stabbing of a 15 year old on his second day aged 22 as an newly qualified teacher in Nechells (Birmingham UK), Al has no issue jumping into danger to help someone.

Al also has two years experience in Universities lecturing at postgraduate level in the UKIMG_2516-2941777314-1569084712481.jpg and one year internationally.  He is also an ICF (International Coaching Federation) professionally certified coach.  Subjected to unsuccessful and untrue allegations, Al has fought legally for what he believes in, is full on, genuine & passionate.  His down to earth, kind and positive approach is infectious. It has been his total passion to stop Police and Military taking their own lives by any and all means – even if that means sacrificing his own life.

“Al McGregor is an anomaly, but a great one. He knows when we don’t tick and he knows how to calibrate us as individuals back into us making sure our mechanisms function and that we do identify the things we have experienced and help us back to making sure we are an effective working mechanism again.”

Brett Lovegrove, MA FRSA FSyl FICPEM. Head Of Counter Terrorism (during 7/7 bombings, Rtd)/CITY OF LONDON POLICE & CSARN – UK

“I found that I related to you very well, you came across as having that natural empathy and understanding of the military. You certainly understand well the military community and the talk and the walk. I was surprised you hadn’t had any military service yourself. I found it amazing. 

Colonel John White (Rtd) Infantry/BRITISH ARMY – UK

“Today has been brilliant, This is the first time I’ve ever Image result for royal marines logoseen anything like this, clearly a preventative approach. A real breath of fresh air. Fantastic. Al knows exactly what he is talking about and walks the talk.”


“I have heard Al from Inner Armour talk on two separate occasions and each time it strikes a chord with me. As a Police Officer of more than 20 years the concept learning to use psychology to develop a much needed resilience in ourselves and in support of colleagues is one of the most important opportunities for cultural change I have seen. I have lost officers in my command to suicide and serious illness on too many occasions, the concept of Inner Armour at its purest is saving lives and looking out for each other. That’s the reason we joined the job isn’t it?”Image result for met police logo

Detective Superintendent Andy Furphy/ MET POLICE – UK

“I think, before the war in Iraq, If I’d had the tools from the Inner Armour program in 2003, I would have been more prepared, more resilient and better able to cope with the future.”

Lieutenant Colonel (Rtd) MBE, Chris Parker, BRITISH ARMY –  UK (Led the British invasion into southern Iraq)

“I’ve never met someone with so much passion for Psychology before. Al has got the balance right between coming out with us on shift regularly and getting stuck in, going out with Essex, listening to officers, seeing what we deal with & teaching us how to apply quarantine.

I watched this past year as Inner Armour tested, taught & strategically implemented the Inner Armour methodology. For Al to be working nationally, liaising with Chief Superintendents, Assistant Commissioners, The Police Federation & different forces has impressed me.

This method reduces stress, anxiety & depression & is one of the most important developments in policing I’ve experienced. The resilience I’ve seen develop in my officers since doing this training is incredible. We will look back in years to come and be shocked we didn’t utilise this sooner.” Image result for met police logo

Sergeant Daryl Jones/12GD/ MET POLICE – UK

“Powerful is an understatement. I just want to say thank you as a veteran for caring about our mental health, the feeling of no one cares about us has been completely taken away after this weekend and we have you, Al, to thank for that.”

Cpl Jody Samways (RTD)  Infantry/BRITISH ARMY


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Dr Steve Watts
Head of Operations
Chair of Academic & Executive Boards 
D.Crim.J., MSc.,D.Ap.Crim. (Cantab), DPM, FCMI, 

Areas of Responsibility:
– Leadership of all Inner Armour operations foreign and domestic
– Police Lead
– Advising National & International Police, Military & Intelligence training & content.
– Executive leadership of Inner Armour

Steve advises us on all policing & military affairs including training, press, systematic Steve-Watts-800x533-800x533implementation and the oversees Inner Armour’s impact in the UK, New Zealand, Australia and the UAE

Now based in Sydney Australia Steve has a total of over 40 years operational and strategic policing and emergency response experience, in particular he served in UK Policing at all levels to Chief Officer for 32 years.

He hold a Masters Degree in Investigative Psychology, Post Graduate Diploma in Criminology and a Doctorate in Criminal Justice. Do find examples of his professional credentials and roles are as below:

  • 32 years operational and strategic police service, with extensive experience at all levels, including Head of Criminal Investigation and Assistant Chief Constable (Specialist Operations).
  • Commander of the UK War Crimes Investigation team in Kosovo in 2000. 
  • Vice Chair of UK Homicide & Major Crime Investigation Steering Group
  • South East England Regional Lead for Counter Terrorism.
  • National Lead for Investigative Interviewing.
  • National Lead for Maritime Policing & Operations. 
  • Chief Strategic Policing Advisor to Abu Dhabi Police in the UAE
  • EU Special Counsellor and as such was engaged in reviewing and developing the delivery of Strategic Planning and Performance Management regimes to the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia.
  • Global policing, Counter Terrorism, Security and management consultant.

Richard Newton
North America Lead & PCR Trainer

Areas of Responsibility:
United States of America Logistics, training delivery & Research
Professional Vulnerability Speaker

Richard Newton manages the sponsorship of Inner Armour for North America. He has 22Richard years of law enforcement experience with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office and the Gaston County Police Department.  He is a graduate of North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a minor in Public Administration with a Criminal Justice Option. He is also a graduate of the Force Science Certification Course and attended the National Academy at the FBI Headquarters in Quantico, VA.  While working at the Sheriff’s Office, he was the Lieutenant in charge of all in-service, recruitment and field training for both law enforcement and detention.

He has written for the North Carolina Justice Academy and held instructor ratings in firearms, driving, physical fitness, subject control and arrest techniques as well as active shooter and hazardous materials.  Richard also was a TASER, Oleoresin Capsicum, Speciality Impact Munition, Force on Force, Chemical Munitions, Distraction Devices, Patrol Rifle, PPCT Defensive Tactics and an Advanced Ground Fighting instructor.  He is a Glock and Mossberg Armorer.  Currently, Richard is working for Manna Church, where he continues his passion for law enforcement officers dealing with issues of PTSD.

Inner Armour Associates

CPL Mark Bowl

Mark has been a Royal Marine for 14 years and is currently based at Her Majesty’s Naval IMG_6857.JPGBase – Devonport.

Mark is completing his undergraduate degree and is due to start his MSc in Psychology next year. Passionate about mental health in the armed forces, Mark is dignified, compassionate, thoughtful, strategic and a great teacher.

Having seen active duty and been deployed to some of the darkest situations on the globe Mark remains an optimist, loyal and is known to his colleagues as “SOUP”.

Mark will be working with us across our research and work with the Royal Marines, Army, Navy & Royal Air Force. 

Inner Armour Doctorate Students

Tamara Brabazon-Taylor

Tamara is a third-year student on the Professional Doctorate in Forensic Psychology Tamara.jpeg(DForenPsy) at University of Nottingham.  Her doctoral research studies the impact of exposure to violence on how Police Officers perceive their role and their psychological wellbeing, and the occurrence of post-traumatic symptoms amongst officers in a British Police Force.

Having previously served as a Police Officer for 14 years, her interest in psychology arose following being diagnosed with work-related PTSD in 2016 and realising how misunderstood trauma is within the Police.  Her ambition is to use her experience and research to raise awareness of trauma-related conditions and encourage organisational change; ensuring officers are supported and equipped with knowledge and techniques to minimise the development of PTSD and help officers affected by trauma to recover.  

She is proud to say she is a trauma survivor, and to be in a position where I can help others in similar circumstances to hers.  I am passionate about my research, and looking forward to presenting initial results at the Preventative Psychology In Policing Event in December 2019.

More on Tamara’s journey from police sergeant to psychologist.

Kenneth Devane

President & CEO, MineTech Inc.Screenshot 2020-04-25 at 2.01.57 PM

Kenn works closely with us on our digital applications and data mining. Kenn founded MineTech, a global data and text mining firm in 1999 to help clients analyze and utilize their rapidly expanding data assets. MineTech’s data mining solutions include an A.I. driven genetic programming platform which builds models at a rate of 1000/per second to find new, predictive data relationships. This process is particularly effective for blending and testing new data variables as they become available for mental health and pandemic applications. MineTech statisticians are currently modeling the impact of “on-duty” and “off-duty” variables to create mental “fitness” scores for first responders.

The company’s text mining solution processes unstructured text from any source including audio/video and quickly converts it into structured numeric output for data mining and modeling. Clients include Pfizer, NYU, CARE International, the Center for Disease Control, the U.S. Navy, NHS, Financial Times and AARP.   

He also served for 10 years as a volunteer firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in New York.

Prior to founding MineTech, Kenn was the Executive Vice President of Spectra Marketing, a consumer focused marketing analytics firm which was purchased by Nielsen Marketing. Before Spectra, Kenn held several television sales positions at the local and national levels in Iowa, Michigan, Connecticut and New York. 

Kenn has a B.S. in Communications from St. John’s University where he has also held adjunct teaching and advisory board positions.

Visit MineTech’s website here: