Inner Armour senior COMMAND TEAM

Al McGregor
BA (Hons), PGCE, PCC, MSc (MAPP)

Al founded Inner Armour® and created the coaching methodology now known as Inner Armour Coaching®. He meticulously tested it over the past ten years with various professors and universities from Newcastle – Australia to East London – UK. Al believes passionately in using post traumatic growth and Positive Psychology to innoculate in challenging environments.  As a society we put Psychology into policing and the military after the damage has been done to them.. Psychology is too often a word filled with negativity and threat..why not use it before?..Could we train personnel on the ground to use Psychology at a basic level to support each other? Could it save peoples lives? Could they save each others lives? Could they stop a minor problem years before it turns serious? Yes.  

Al holds three degrees from UK Universities and is most recently a MAPP (Masters in Applied Positive Psychology) graduate of the University of East London. He is dedicated to enabling the use of Psychology for good  in a preventative and proactive fashion for all in front-line services. Al also accompanies regular police shifts not only at home with the London MET & Essex Police Force but internationally and most recently in the USA.  Shot at in the USA during work for Inner Armour, Al is not afraid of getting involved. 

Al has 12 years teaching experience in 4 state secondary schools in areas of high deprivation & high crime in the UK. First on the scene at a stabbing of a 15 year old on his second day aged 22 as a newly qualified teacher in Nechells (Birmingham UK), Al has no issue jumping into danger to help someone.

Al also has two years experience in Universities lecturing at postgraduate level in the UK and one year internationally.  He is also an ICF (International Coaching Federation) professionally certified coach.  Al has fought for what he believes in, is full on, genuine & passionate.  His down to earth, kind and positive approach is infectious. It has been his total passion to stop Police and Military taking their own lives by any and all means whatever the cost.

Areas of Responsibility: Police Training (National & International), Military Training (National & International), INFINITY® Leadership, Intelligence Services Training (Private & State), Academic Leadership, Research: Qualitative, Quantitative, longitudinal & organisational, Executive Director & Head of care 


1. i am Excessively intense & a workaholic.
3. I have Multiple failed personal relationships & i am divorced.
4. i Acted selfishly & irresponsibly when i was younger & caused unnecessary hurt.
5. I assume positivity and kindness in all until proven wrong.

“NATO Allied Air Command continue to look forward to Inner Armour’s support in our NATONATO - WikipediaEnlisted Leadership and Resilience Seminar.”

Sara Catterall/Command Senior Enlisted Leader at NATO ALLIED AIR COMMAND/ Warrant Officer Royal Air Force 

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this, clearly a preventative approach. A realWhat are the official colors of the Royal Marines? - Quorabreath of fresh air. Fantastic. Al knows exactly what he is talking about and walks the talk.”.


“Al McGregor is an anomaly, but a great one. He knows when we don’t tick and he knows how to calibrate us as individuals back into us making sure our mechanisms function and that we do identify the things we have experienced and help us back to making sure we are an effective working mechanism again.”

Brett Lovegrove, MA FRSA FSyl FICPEM. Head Of Counter Terrorism (during 7/7 bombings, Rtd)/CITY OF LONDON POLICE & CSARN – UK

“I found that I related to you very well, you came across as having that natural empathy and understanding of the military. You certainly understand well the military community and the talk and the walk. I was surprised you hadn’t had any military service yourself. I found it amazing. 

Colonel John White (Rtd) Infantry/BRITISH ARMY – UK

“I have heard Al from Inner Armour talk on two separate occasions and each time it strikes a chord with me. As a Police Officer of more than 20 years the concept learning to use psychology to develop a much needed resilience in ourselves and in support of colleagues is one of the most important opportunities for cultural change I have seen. I have lost officers in my command to suicide and serious illness on too many occasions, the concept of Inner Armour at its purest is saving lives and looking out for each other. That’s the reason we joined the job isn’t it?”Image result for met police logo

Andy Furphy/Detective Superintendent /MET POLICE – UK

“I think, before the war in Iraq, If I’d had the tools from the Inner Armour program in 2003, I would have been more prepared, more resilient and better able to cope with the future.”

Lieutenant Colonel (Rtd) MBE, Chris Parker, BRITISH ARMY –  UK (Led the British invasion into southern Iraq)

“I’ve never met someone with so much passion for Psychology before. Al has got the balance right between coming out with us on shift regularly and getting stuck in, going out with Essex, listening to officers, seeing what we deal with & teaching us how to apply quarantine.

I watched this past year as Inner Armour tested, taught & strategically implemented the Inner Armour methodology. For Al to be working nationally, liaising with Chief Superintendents, Assistant Commissioners, The Police Federation & different forces has impressed me.

This method reduces stress, anxiety & depression & is one of the most important developments in policing I’ve experienced. The resilience I’ve seen develop in my officers since doing this training is incredible. We will look back in years to come and be shocked we didn’t utilise this sooner.” Image result for met police logo

Sergeant Daryl Jones/12GD/ MET POLICE – UK

(Below is the custom Inner Armour® Art that was created by Matt Boothroyde Design Ltd symbolising Inner Armour®’s conception & Al’s journey.)

Dr Steve Watts
Chair of Academic & Executive Boards 
D.Crim.J., MSc.,D.Ap.Crim. (Cantab), DPM, FCMI, 

Steve advises us on all policing & military affairs including training, press, systematic implementation and the oversees Inner Armour’s impact in the UK, New Zealand, Australia and the UAE.

Now based in Sydney Australia Steve has a total of over 40 years operational and strategic policing and emergency response experience, in particular he served in UK Policing at all levels to Chief Officer for 32 years.

He hold a Masters Degree in Investigative Psychology, Post Graduate Diploma in Criminology and a Doctorate in Criminal Justice. Do find examples of his professional credentials and roles are as below:

  • 32 years operational and strategic police service, with extensive experience at all levels, including Head of Criminal Investigation and Assistant Chief Constable (Specialist Operations).
  • Commander of the UK War Crimes Investigation team in Kosovo in 2000. 
  • Vice Chair of UK Homicide & Major Crime Investigation Steering Group
  • South East England Regional Lead for Counter Terrorism.
  • National Lead for Investigative Interviewing.
  • National Lead for Maritime Policing & Operations. 
  • Chief Strategic Policing Advisor to Abu Dhabi Police in the UAE
  • EU Special Counsellor and as such was engaged in reviewing and developing the delivery of Strategic Planning and Performance Management regimes to the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia.
  • Global policing, Counter Terrorism, Security and management consultant. Areas of Responsibility: Leadership of all Inner Armour operations foreign and domestic, Police Lead, Advising National & International Police, Military & Intelligence training & content, Compliance.

Head of Operations & CARE


Kelly is most recently a superintendent and district commander with Hampshire constabulary in the UK. Her abilitiy to lead, train and get the best out of people is seriously impressive.

She is operational within Inner Armour as she prepares to teach on the frontline to police and military all over the world as well as providing support for the rest of the team and being a highly valued member of the Inner Armour family.

“I am excited to be involved with Inner Armour as it offers a fresh  and unique perspective. It does not rely on a top down approach and it does not require a person to be referred. It engenders a culture of positive psychology where officers learn how to recognise and protect themselves before they face trauma and if they do not recognise the start of trauma in themselves, it teaches peer support to empower the person affected to adopt a more positive approach. With one suicide in policing every month in the UK, I believe this approach could literally be lifesaving.”

“I joined policing 30 years ago, there was always time to have a cuppa with a vulnerable victim. Difficult duties were punctuated with escorting wide loads, schools crossing patrol or transporting prisoners to court and each police station had a bar for the team to bond and unwind at the end of a heavy day. Now  with increased demand, there is never enough time for victims, every call for service involves a level of trauma, most vehicles are single crewed and the hours are often long. Raised adrenaline and cortisol means that officers find it hard to sleep and I want to help.”


1. I feel more comfortable working within a structure – means I can lack flexibility & spontaneity.
2. I have a tendency to judge people who are unreliable or unfit.
3. I can become divisive when others disagree with me.
4. As a calm introverted person I can feel boring so I sometimes deploy shock tactics to garner attention.
5. I weigh up the pros and cons of any given situation which can appear negative to others who are excited by a new idea.

Richard Newton

Areas of Responsibility:
United States of America Logistics, training delivery & Research
Professional Vulnerability Speaker in Law Enforcement

Richard Newton manages the sponsorship of Inner Armour for North America. He has 22 years of law enforcement experience with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office and the Gaston County Police Department.  He is a graduate of North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a minor in Public Administration with a Criminal Justice Option. He is also a graduate of the Force Science Certification Course and attended the National Academy at the FBI Headquarters in Quantico, VA.  While working at the Sheriff’s Office, he was the Lieutenant in charge of all in-service, recruitment and field training for both law enforcement and detention.

He has written for the North Carolina Justice Academy and held instructor ratings in firearms, driving, physical fitness, subject control and arrest techniques as well as active shooter and hazardous materials.  Richard also was a TASER, Oleoresin Capsicum, Speciality Impact Munition, Force on Force, Chemical Munitions, Distraction Devices, Patrol Rifle, PPCT Defensive Tactics and an Advanced Ground Fighting instructor.  He is a Glock and Mossberg Armorer.  Currently, Richard is working for Manna Church, where he continues his passion for law enforcement officers dealing with issues of PTSD.

“The program is awesome and should be nationwide. Prior to the session, the shooting was on my mind. After talking about it, I have a weight lifted off my shoulders. Don’t change a damn thing about the program.”



1. i am a Perfectionist and pleaser. 
2. i have Rejection and abandonment issues.
3. i have Multiple failed personal relationships & i am twice divorced.
4. i Acted selfishly & irresponsibly as a young man & caused unnecessary hurt.
5. i am very Honest. 


Liam has a true passion for helping people and overcoming adversity. Liam spent over a decadeserving in the British Army, deploying on many operations around the world in various roles. He then went on to become an instructor, helping teach the fundamental principles and values of soldiering, and help forward the knowledge and progression of younger soldiers with the expertise he had gained through the myriad of advanced qualifications and career experience attained.

After suffering two major injuries Liam discovered that an underlining condition would soon become a life changing illness, and this would then end his military career.

Liam joined the Personal Recovery Unit in 2019, where he furthered his experience in helping others rebuild their lives. He finally medically retired in December 2020. Since medically retiring, Liam founded Realign & Reengage, a personal project he has created as an independent mindset coach, helping people transition from the trauma that has held them back from advancing on their goals. 

Liam is currently studying a degree in Psychology and counselling funded by the MOD and he also runs his own website here to help military personnel who are leaving the

“Liam was really helpful and it is great to talk to someone who was not judgemental, and the session was very engaging. I would like to continue the (Inner Armour Coaching) sessions.”
“ES” Medically discharged (for chronic pain)/BRITISH ARMY


1. My passion and purpose can lead me to drive forward with such relentless self-imposed pressure it can have detrimental implications to my own health.
2.I lack the ability to turn down work, which at times can cause me to let work take over entirely, which effects relationships with family and friends.
3. I have suffered the price of years of impulse decisions, faced debt, divorce and suicide, all mostly down to my own lack of accountability.
4. I am addicted to a relentless pursuit of excellence.
5. I see my decline in health as a purpose to work harder, and not be with those I love. 



Jody was spotted by a professor visiting our training and was marked as an exceptional trainer from day one. A sea of calm in chaotic situations, Jody’s core Psychological strengths make his teaching addictive and people naturally gravitate towards him. A true professional. Studying his undergraduate in Psychology, we are proud to include him in our family. 

Jody joined the Army at 16 and after 9 proud years, achieving the rank of Corporal at 21, he completed my Military career instructing Infantry recruits in their phase 1 and 2 training.  After deploying on operations in Afghanistan in 2012, he was diagnosed with PTSD, which he dealt with for several years while serving and as a civilian post discharge.

“I understand from personal experience the butterfly effect of poor mental health on an individual’s life can be detrimental. Each person is unique in the way in which we deal with every day mental health, some turn to things such as music or fitness. Meditation was introduced to me and it was in this space I found peace amongst the chaos, later finding myself in yoga classes which was as much of a surprise to me as it was to family and friends. It was being in a vulnerable and open mindset that allowed my healing process to be in my eyes a continued success. Mental health has forever been pushed to one side amongst Military and Police personnel, some of the best minds in the world are put into training our elite and I believe the same effort should be reciprocated into their mental health. I believe it is time for change.”

“Since being introduced to Al and the power of the inner armour model, I have felt we are at a turning point for mental health amongst our frontline heroes. Together, I believe we can minimise the butterfly effect of poor mental health, allowing us to be the best version of ourselves as is consistently required in a frontline role.”


1.     I may harness guilt for hurting/scaring those close to me due to the way I conducted myself during years of PTSD after returning from operations.
2.     I did not commit myself fully throughout my school years.

3.     I have made selfish decisions in the past.
4.     I keep certain issues to myself at times as opposed to allowing someone else to help me through them.

5.     I can be defensive if someone questions my lifestyle/life choices


Verity impressed us hugely during her tactical interview manager course and we enquired further. Verity has an energy and focus that is exceptional. Learning with her is exciting and engaging. 

Verity is a serving Police officer with 17 years service. She started her career in Scotland in 2004 and served on the front line for three and a half years before moving to Hampshire. She worked on an interview team, then the drugs squad before passing her Detectives exam and becoming a Detective in 2011. During her time as a Detective she has worked on a Serious and Organised Crime Unit and has worked closely with the Major Investigation Team interviewing murderers and high level drug dealers. This was her favourite time in the Police.Verity has always been an advocate of well-being and good mental health. In 2016 she decided to jump into the world of Hypnotherapy and trained at the Clifton Hypnotherapy School in Bristol and became a qualified Hypnotherapist in 2017. Verity practised Hypnotherapy alongside her day job of Policing for a year until she took a career break and moved to Canada where she set up her own Hypnotherapy, coaching and wellness business.

Verity is now back in the UK and is back to Policing. Since being back she has qualified as a Tactical Interview Manager.

“I am really very excited to be a part of the Inner Armour team and looking forward to rolling out the training to help others. When not with Inner Armour, I love walking and reading.  In 2015 I became an Ironman, I also swam from Asia to Europe in 2016 by swimming the Bosporus in Turkey.”


Our people are our most valuable asset and our family. Deploying/delivering for Inner Armour is intense and extremely challenging. We ensure the following support is available for our company and our senior team and work with the following people to ensure the highest standards of training, care and learning are evident in all that we do.


We see counselling as an essential piece of kit when saving peoples lives. We recognise that it is not for everyone, however, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to have a counsellor and Jacqui is ours. We believe that a good counsellor is important to long term exceptionally good mental health and to be utilised indefinitely. Our relationship with Jacqui  started when she began working with Al in February 2021. We are now proud to offer her services to the senior team. Whilst there are many counsellors out there, Jacqui is a good fit for us with a senior policing background. Jacqui’s website can be accessed here. 

My name is Jacqui Hames and I am a qualified Counsellor providing
short and long-termtherapy to individuals, both in person and online.

After varied careers in the emergency services, business consultancy, broadcast media and training, I decided to pursue a long burning desire to use my life experiences to support those in emotional distress to find a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

People seek counselling for many varied reasons – anxiety and depression being the most common. Some want to improve their emotional well-being, change behaviours, explore personal relationship difficulties, adjust their work/life balance, or manage damaging personality traits like anger or excessive emotional reactions.

My role is to offer an empathetic, understanding environment with you at the centre, to understand your feelings and emotions, help build your resources and guide you to greater sense of wellbeing.

As an integrative therapist I draw upon several therapeutic models – Person Centred, Gestalt and Transactional Analysis – which allows me to adapt to meet the individual needs of my clients.


-BSc(Hons) Humanistic Counselling from Middlesex University (via Metanoia Institute)
Diploma Humanistic Counselling from Metanoia Institute
– Practitioners Certificate in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes (CWTP) from Metanoia Institute
– Certificate in Online & Telephone Counselling

Especially when working in multiple countries at the same time,  we could not maintain the InnerArmour standard of organisation, efficiency and care we have come to be known for without Amy. Starting in policing and now working for herself, we deploy her when we approach busy or sensitive periods to support the team with everything from logistics to web traffic.  Amy’s website can be accessed here. 

“Having worked as an Executive Assistant and Legal Secretary within the Real Estate and Legal industries for over 10 years, I made the decision to embark on my new venture, allowing me to offer a bespoke service to you and your needs, whether that be business or personal. I have gained my experience whilst working at a number of top global firms including Deloitte (Real Estate), Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer and Linklaters.”

Physical health is vital. Whilst we all individually work hard to maintain our diet, exercise & wellbeing, massage is proven to be beneficial to cognitive ability which is key for us as we teach others how to save lives. When in the UK we have started to work with Helen Richards particularly when working in military environments and when the pressure is at its peak for the Inner Armour senior team. Helen’s website here: 

“Helen joined the Royal Navy at the tender age of 17 and afterwards worked for Hampshire Constabulary as a Police Community Support Officer.

Working in a stressful environment, Helen became conscious of how stress affected her colleagues. Realising there was a lack of well-being in the workplace, Helen became the unofficial office masseuse.

After seeing how her massages improved morale and stress levels, Helen decided to become qualified in massage.
In 2017 The Little Calm Company was founded and Helen went on to personally visit 60 companies and organisations within 16 months.

In January 2019 The Little Calm Company won the prestigious, Shaping Portsmouth’s Best Start Up Award.” 

All our legal matters are managed by our solicitors, Coffin Mew in the UK.New Look Brand for 2020 and beyond… | Coffin Mew 

Awards and achievements


We are proud to work with Morris Palmer who handle all our accounting with specific support fromTax Accountants & Business Advisers Horsham | Morris Palmer both:

Declan Rapley ACA – Accounts and Tax Senior

Declan is a qualified Chartered Accountant and is involved in all aspects of the audit, accounting and taxation services that we provide to  business and private clients.

Marti Stenton ACA – Director

Marti is a Chartered Accountant having joined the firm as a trainee in 2005. Marti is responsible for a broad range of clients operating in sectors including pharmaceuticals, construction, retail and hi-tech.

Inner Armour INFINITY®


“Having started AgileAppCo. back in 2015, we have had the privilege of working with some incredible people writing some amazing software in the digital era we have found ourselves in. We’ve always put the working relationship at the heart of any partnership, which we believe to be key to making a successful business. When Al told us about the infinity® project we were excited to be given the opportunity to contribute to something that has literally, an infinite amount of value. You can see from Al’s integrity and passion that the infinity project will be something that not only saves lives, but impacts the thousands of those around them and AgileAppCo. will be proud and humbled to be part of that journey.”

Agile App 

Inner Armour PRICING
PLEASE BE AWARE OUR training costs are financially substantial.
All participants who wish to operate with their Inner Armour® Licence MUST BE INVITED TO JOIN Inner Armour® INFINITY at a cost of $6.49 per PERSON PER month (if their organisation has not already done so). IF YOU JUST WISH TO GO THROUGH THE TRAINING THAT IS AN OPTION.
A unique training and licence code will be given during the class. 100% of this revenue goes into app development, care for members and supporting police and military who are saving each others lives including scholarships for service personnel, funeral costs and academic classes. 


Screenshot 2020-04-24 at 10.09.09 AM

We partner and are an approved vendor with the government training institution: the North Carolina Justice Academy in the United States of America.
We are proud to be offering our training to the men and women working in law enforcement across the 100 county’s in the state and actively combating and preventing police suicides together through our training in Psychology.


We are a partner with Mightify. Mightify are the UK’s number 1 personal development, careers and resettlement service for the emergency services. They help individuals and organisations in policing, fire and rescue, Military and ambulance services achieve personal health and fulfillment. They provide the career and personal support they believe over 250,000 people in the 999 services deserve – from events, to CPD-accredited resettlement courses, to 1-to-1 coaching. We work together both nationally and internationally. 


Measurements|Machine Learning|Data Partnership

We are a partner with New York & London based data mining company: Minetech. With governments/organisations/trainees permissions, we process data from Quarantine sessions. We are working on combining quantum computing with machine learning and positive psychology to save lives. 

RECOMMENDED people and organisations




Alice Hendy tragically lost her brother, Josh, on the 25th November 2020 from suicide. Josh was her only sibling, and sadly passed away too soon at just 21 years of age. After examining Josh’s phone and laptop following his death, Alice found that Josh had been researching techniques to take his own life via internet searches, suicide forums and video tutorials. 

The content available online following a harmful online search is far too readily available and fails to provide enough of an intervention between a user searching for harmful content and the subsequent display of the search results. To ensure more help and support is given to individuals in mental health crisis and searching for harmful content online, Alice set up R;pple Suicide Prevention. R;pple addresses the lack of intervention and instead provides an immediate, vibrant display on a user’s device once they have been flagged as searching for online content relating to self-harm or suicide. 

R;pple is an online nudge technique which consists of a powerful message of hope, as well as providing a selection of mental health support resources in a range of different communicative options (call, text, webchat, self-help app, pocket resources). 

Through R;pple, an individual feeling despair and researching harmful content will be urged to instead seek mental health support they deserve and need in a way that works best for them.